Asset Management solutions

With a staff having over 60 years of combined systems integration experience in our chosen markets, we have provided total Asset management solutions to many corporate clients ranging from logistics, banks, and industrial clients to smaller start up business. Many of these projects required specialized integration between differing products, which when combined, provided a holistic and cost effective solution.

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fleet telematics systems

Fleet Telematics Solution

Vehicle Telematics and Vehicle Tracking technology can deliver many opportunities to increase the efficiency, productivity and accountability of your organisation. Implementing Telematics technology can lead to increased productivity.

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fleet management systems

Fleet Management Solution

Fleet Management is a function which allows companies that rely on transportation in their business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs.

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fuel management systems

Fuel Management Solution

Fuel consumption monitoring is the most frequently required option of the modern asset manager. Catering for both mobile (vehicles) and fixed (Storage Tanks) asset fuel management, we offer reliable and correct fuel information and reports to the final user, which provide critical…

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Security Telematics

ITSL Specialises in unique areas of security for High Value assets. We provide a wide range of solutions but mainly focus on two for strategic assets, these being Aerial Surveillance for security and armed forces, and also on Nigeria’s highly strategic asset, the oil pipeline infrastructure.

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warehouse management systems

Warehouse Management Solution

Managing your stock in a warehouse can be a daunting task, especially if it is performed manually, the inherent inefficiencies and problems caused by humans, especially performing menial and often boring tasks…

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workforce management solutions

Mobile Workforce Management

People are a business’s biggest assets. “Grow your people and grow your business” is a philosophy we adhere to as we believe that it is the single most important area of investment in the company.